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With a wide range of products Simply BOSS is your source for biodegradable safe Yucca technology, Microbial technology , odor control, organic cleaning solutions for agriculture, and industrial and commercial operations.

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Contrary to common belief, the yucca is not a cactus but a member of the lily family. There are about forty different species but on only five have "nutritional value. The vital force (healing properties) lie in substances known as saponin steroids. These natural steroids support and enhance the enzyme system in natural settings.

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This MINERAL TECHNOLOGY is nature's answer to offensive odors. MINERAL TECHNOLOGY is a blend of mineral (zeolites) formed from the alteration of silicic volcanic ash. Zeolite is a totally natural mineral that takes ammonia out of the air or water releasing oxygen into the environment.

is a high potency, bacteria-laden, formulation, for use in degrading many types of waste. AXSYS DIRECT MFG. MICROBIAL TECHNOLOGY contains a specially formulated, proprietary blend of micro-organisms that boosts enzyme and bacteria systems.
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