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Simply BOSS
With a wide range of products Simply BOSS is your source for biodegradable safe Yucca technology and Microbial technology , Odor control, Organic cleaning solutions for agriculture, industrial and commercial operations.
Think Purity
When Algae/Bacteria Problems Become A Battle Think Purity is an innovative, algaecide/bactericide designed for use in lakes, ponds, reservoirs, irrigation canals, treatment lagoons, and other water systems.
Lake and Pond Colorant WAVEX is a high quality, concentrated water colorant. It creates a beautiful natural appearance to lakes, ponds and lager aquariums. WAVEX is safe to fish and aquatic species, waterfowl, wildlife and pets.

Pond Wizard Water Treatment Products

Pond Wizard products assist bacteria in the natural biodegrading of organic build up. Organic matter builds up occurs in dugouts and ponds from algae, weed growth and run off. Pond Wizard Products are specifically formulated to assist bacteria in the natural biodegrading of organic build up, control of algae in ponds, dugouts, lagoons and potable water storage tanks. Pond Wizard has developed  a non toxic water colorant to create a beautiful natural appearance in lakes and ponds and Pond Floc to increase the clarity by controlling phosphates and suspended dirt particles.


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